3-day Comprehensive GC-MS Software Training (Agilent MassHunter for QQQMS)

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Course summary

  • Number of days: 3
  • Experience level: Intermediate
  • Type: Manufacturer-specific; analysts using Agilent GC-QQQMS
  • Teaching method: Face-to-face classroom with practicals in the laboratory
  • Course venue: This course is run on demand - please contact us
  • Onsite/offsite availability: Arrange this course just for you

What will you learn on this course?

The three-day Comprehensive GC-MS Training course introduces the Agilent MassHunter software for instrument control, data acquisition and data analysis focusing on triple quadrupole GC-MS.

This course covers PC and data system set-up and maintenance; hardware configuration; data acquisition in scan, selected ion monitoring (SIM), SRM & MRM modes; sequences; qualitative & quantitative data analysis; reports; Retention Time Locking (RTL); an introduction to deconvolution; and method maintenance.

It combines a mixture of classroom based presentations with hands-on software lab exercises, to give you comprehensive training.

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn the operation of the MassHunter software
  • You will learn installation, set-up and get an overview of the software
  • You will learn the steps in developing an MRM method
  • You will learn how to create full scan and MRM methods to gain an understanding of each method type
  • You will learn how to analyse individual samples and create sequences for analysing multiple samples
  • You will undertake qualitative data analysis including library searching and deconvolution
  • You will undertake quantitative data analysis creating calibration curves and producing appropriate sample reports
  • You will have an introduction to deconvolution and learn retention time locking
  • You will perform data analysis on MS/MS data

Who is this course for?

This course is primarily for analysts and technicians responsible for the operation of Agilent triple quadrupole GC-MS instruments and data analysis with MassHunter software.

Course combinations

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Quotes from previous attendees

"The best (compared to other courses) - instructor knowledge excellent. Other courses haven't been so good on this point."  Scientist, tobacco industry (March 2015).