We offer a range of services that lead the way to more productive methods and improved quality of results in the laboratory, whether you work in that laboratory or are an equipment manufacturer or distributor. Our services can be delivered on your site for maximum convenience, or at our training facility within the Department of Physical Sciences at The Open University in Milton Keynes - offering an unrivalled suite of analytical instrumentation in modern laboratories.  We have worked in or developed methods for every industry that uses gas chromatography, liquid chromatography or a spectroscopy technique, therefore we can help you whatever your application is!

Benefit from our expertise:

  • Fully tailored onsite and offsite training to meet the needs and level of experience of your analysts.
  • Onsite consultancy using your instrument and your data or offsite at our facility at The Open University, Milton Keynes.
  • Delivered by practicing analytical chemists with current skills.

Method Development

We can help you to develop, fully optimise, troubleshoot, validate and even write-up your methods! Find out more.

Applications Support

We can provide applications support to help you select the right instrument, the best techniques and the correct consumable items for the application. Find out more.


Benefit from our expertise in analytical techniques to obtain a robust, accurate and effective solution for your analyses. Find out more.

Data analysis

We can support you in a number of ways to process your data or develop and optimise your data analysis methods. Find out more.

Instrument Acquisition

We can help you with instrument demonstrations to select the analytical system that is right for the application and the environment in which that system will be used. Find out more.

Technical Authoring

We can help you to develop high quality, logical, methodical, accurate and specific written material for all of your needs. Find out more.

Manufacturers and suppliers

We offer a range of services for instrument and consumables manufacturers, distributors and suppliers around the world. These include: publicity support, sales support and training and documentation. Find out more.


Feedback from clients for consultancy work:


Ben Johnson - Senior Engineer, Cambridge Consultants

"Diane Turner at Anthias Consulting Ltd provided excellent GCMS training and instruction. Diane's comprehensive understanding of analytical measurement equipment, enabled us to understand our specific requirements and develop the correct methods for our clients."

Neil Blair - Operations Manager, Vantix Ltd

"Diane gave us excellent advice on the correct configuration of GC/MS to identify impurities in a chemical critical to our manufacturing process."

Wil van Egmond - NLISIS IP development Injection technique GC, DSM Research

"I know Diane when she was working for ATAS UK and also as a consultant for the company NLisis. She has an extreme high level of knowledge in GC - GC x GC and GC-MS, and is next to that good in transferring this knowledge to other less skilled people in this profession. Also I must say that she is an very nice person to work with both as partner and as supplier."

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Diane Turner