Training on Zoex Software

These courses include practical exercises and many are available as scheduled courses as well as being taught both on and offsite, tailored and bespoke.

Zoex specific GCxGC training:

2-day Comprehensive GCxGC Software Training (Zoex GCImage)

Hands-on training in techniques that can use Zoex instrumentation:

2-day Hands-on GCxGC

Zoex specific training:

We can give both onsite and offsite, tailored and bespoke training on Zoex GCxGC modulators and GCImage software installed on any make or model of GC.

We also provide our consultancy services to troubleshoot and develop GCxGC methods, with over 15 years of experience of GCxGC hyphenated with most automated sample preparation techniques and GC and MS detectors.  

Please contact us for further training and consultancy on Zoex instrumentation.