We have always had a close working relationship with companies and our partners in Europe, with delegates attending our scheduled courses in the UK as well as receiving onsite support through our training and consultancy services. We have been providing GC training in Slovenia for many years and are booked to provide a Basic LC course and an LC method development course in Ljubljana in October 2017 on behalf of our client Chemass.

Feedback from our clients and customers:

Emil Skocir - Sales Engineer, Chemass

"In the last two years, my company CHEMASS d.o.o., which is an authorized Agilent Technologies distributor in Slovenia, has organized a few training courses for customers with the aim to improve their knowledge about different analytical techniques (GC, GC-MSD, HPLC) and capabilities that are offered by different software packages. Two of such courses were organized in co-operation with Anthias Consulting. In both cases the lecturer was Diane Turner who ran a two day 'Basic GC and GC-MS Training Course' and a three day 'Advanced GC and GC-MS Training Course'. Each class had about ten participants. Their comments after training were: excellent, very good, super, ..... According to my experience Mrs. Turner is a very professional person who knows how to run courses and how to attract participants with the content. I also had a very good experience when I was organizing those two courses. Communication with Mrs. Turner was very smooth and I got all the needed information and materials on time. Two of our customers attended GC-MS training in UK and they were also very satisfied with the training quality as well as with logistics."

Ward D'Autry, Scientist, DSM Resolve

"At DSM Resolve we've had the pleasure to have Diane as course leader of a masterclass thermal desorption GC-MS. It has been a very professional course, where we have learned a lot from the profound theoretical as well as practical knowledge of Diane on this field. Following this course, we were able to implement the tips & tricks we learned for several of our own TD applications, leading to improved methods. This has been acknowledged already by our own customers, which proofs that the course was totally worth it. Hence I fully recommend Diane as trainer/consultant on this matter."