Scheduled training courses

Our scheduled training courses take place at venues around the world, with the majority located in the UK.

  • Our laboratory-based practical courses take place at our training facility at The Open University in Milton Keynes, UK. Our software courses can be held anywhere around the UK and worldwide, as long as we have access to the software.
  • Anthias Consulting partner with Ellutia Chromatography Solutions to provide an analytical training facility in Cambridgeshire, UK.
  • Anthias Consulting partner with Providion to provide a training facility for our LC & LC-MS courses in Manchester, UK.
  • Our classroom-based courses can be held anywhere around the UK and worldwide.  If you would like to host one of these courses, find out more about hosting a course.
  • Our global partners also host many of our courses - classroom, software and laboratory-based - at their facilities in their home countries.

Onsite training

We can teach any of our courses at your company.  For classroom-based courses we just need a training room.  Laboratory-based courses will need an instrument available for teaching purposes. We have some laptops available for onsite training too. Find out more...

Offsite training

We can deliver offsite training at our facilities at The Open University, just for your company! Find out more...

Consultancy services

Our consultancy services can take place in many different forms from email and telephone support, to working on your instrument in your laboratory to developing methods for you at our facilities at The Open University.


To discuss our venues and if you would like onsite training or consultancy or would like to host a course, please contact us.