Technical Authoring

*Despite travel restrictions due to COVID-19, we can still support you with Virtual Consultancy, through face-to-face live video, telephone and email support from our office.*

We can help you to develop high quality, logical, methodical, accurate and specific written material for all of your needs.

These include:

  • Standard operating procedures for an instrument or application.
  • Quick reference guides.
  • White papers and publications, which could include method development, sample analysis and/or data analysis.

Writing: the writing of technical documentation can be laborious, boring and tedious for some. Proximity to the requirements can result in documentation that is too technical, too tightly focused and often doesn't include all the necessary information. With a background in instrument applications, writing such technical documents and skills of self-teaching new instruments and techniques, we can write or advise you on writing technical documentation that is suitable for your target audience. You may just provide us with the information needed to complete the project, but we can also develop the method, analyse samples and/or process the data in order to write the documentation.

Testing: First-rate correlation between a scientific instrument and its user manual or standard operating procedure (SOP) is paramount in the success of that document. Ease of use, on the correct level, containing all the necessary information for the day-to-day running, method development, maintenance and troubleshooting of the instrument enables the end user to gain the instrument's full benefits. We can provide a fresh look at your manual or SOP, testing it to ensure all expectations are met.

Proof reading: A strong basis for any document is the accuracy, literacy and presentation of it. Silly mistakes are often overlooked even with the helpful tools of spelling and grammar checks, and no matter how useful or interesting the document is these first impressions can detract from it and even stop the reader from progressing further through it. Spotting mistakes and making improvements are skills not everyone possess or sometimes have the courage to point out, especially if it is your own work. We can help cast a skilled and knowledgeable eye over your technical and non-technical documentation to give you the best first impression of a professional and efficient organisation.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.