Virtual Classroom

Our Virtual Classroom courses are available live or on-demand - find out more about the benefits of live vs. on-demand Virtual Classroom training.

Live Virtual Classroom Training

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Our live Virtual Classroom courses offer a fully interactive experience, with a clear layout in one view and tools to interact with the trainer, to get the most out of the training.

Classroom area with presentation area, HD video feed of trainer, chat box and Q&A box.

When delegates first access the Virtual Classroom, they enter the lobby area where they can get set-up ready for training and download useful information. The countdown timer lets delegates know when the training will start.

The classroom has an area for the presentation slides, participants can maximise this to full screen at any time, for example, to view a detailed diagram. The instructor is streamed live through a high definition video feed. Again, this area can be maximised to full screen by the delegate, for example, when the trainer is demonstrating instrument parts and consumables.

Delegates can ask live questions at any time; they can 'raise their hand' and ask their question using their microphone, or type the question in to the either the chat box or the dedicated Q&A box.

Interactions area with virtual whiteboard.

The interactions area features a virtual whiteboard for drawings and explanations. This can really aid in delegates' understanding to see a quick sketch of a concept and also to help to answer questions.

Screenshare for software demonstrations.

For courses which contain practical exercises or software demonstrations, the screenshare area enables the trainer to share their screen to carry out these exercises live. Where applicable and where delegates have access to the software on their PC, they can perform these exercises at the same time during the training.

Feedback on our Live Virtual Classroom training courses

How does it compare to other online training/webinars you have been on?

"The Adobe Connect is very clear and good to deliver online training in terms of the sound and seeing the instructor as well as viewing the content of the course material."

"Just to say that the Adobe Connect platform generally worked well, good to see the countdown timer for breaks, great to be able to ask questions in various ways, without interrupting the flow of the delivery (verbally, hand raising/typing etc)."

"It was much more engaging. Seeing examples of parts of instruments was really useful and the interactive chromatogram troubleshooting was really useful."

"A lot more engaging as the video and demonstrations kept me interested. The training went at a good pace and everything was explained really well."

On-Demand Virtual Classroom Training

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Our on-demand Virtual Classroom training offers the flexibility to receive the training at a convenient time for the delegate. With this option, delegates are provided with a link to access a recording of the training. With on-demand training there are no tools and controls available as with the live training. However, after viewing the training delegates can email their questions directly to the trainer and receive their answers back by email.

This type of training may be suitable for those delegates who can't make the scheduled time, or those who don't have the necessary amount of time available for a full live session; delegates can access the training at any time within a three-month period.

Delegates receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of a quiz and feedback form following the training.

Feedback on our On-Demand Virtual Classroom training courses

"Although I did not watch the video live, I enjoyed the last part of the course where we should interact in the classroom and suggested answers for the analysis of some analytes."

"Convenience of being able to access it when I needed it."