Virtual and Onsite Applications Support

*Despite travel restrictions due to COVID-19, we can still support you with Virtual Consultancy.*

Applications is what an analytical instrument is all about. How to apply the instrument or technique to your samples to gather the information needed to answer the questions that you have.

It is pointless to have an instrument that doesn't do anything - is just a box on the bench, continuously has problems or even worse doesn't give the right answers. It is important to select the right instrument, the best techniques and correct consumable items for the application to ensure the required detection limits, accuracy and reproducibility is obtained for the analysis.

Even better still, is to select a system that not only does all of these things but also reduces analysis time (from the time the sample is obtained to the time the answers are reported), is easy to use and robust for the application(s) it is used for, hence decreasing downtime, increasing throughput, satisfaction and overall reducing cost per analysis.

Whether you:

  • Are looking to purchase a new instrument or upgrade an existing system with additional techniques and would like independent advice.
  • Need help looking at your work flow to reduce bottle necks in your analysis, from sample collection to producing the report.
  • Would like a review to ensure you are using all the available tools on the market or even in your current system and software to help you achieve your goals.
  • Require further method development or optimisation to improve it further, for example to reduce analysis time, improve sensitivity or for overall efficiency improvements.

We can support you in a number of ways:

We can help you whatever your application needs are, please contact us to arrange a call to discuss the options available.