Onsite / Offsite Training

We offer training from hands-on practical training to generic theoretical training in the techniques that we specialise in. If you have more than a couple of members of staff requiring training, or you would like our courses tailored or bespoke material delivering for you, onsite/in-house or offsite training is usually a better option. Whether you are a total newcomer, an experienced analyst but new to the specific technique or a sales person or service engineer keen to gain more technical knowledge, we can organise training suitable for your needs!

Onsite / in-house training

Onsite instrument training usually has a practical, hands-on, instrument-specific focus. From covering the theoretical background; how to set-up, use, optimise, maintain and troubleshoot your hardware; to learning how to make full use of the software for data collection, analysis and reporting. For practical onsite training, we recommend a maximum of 6-8 people so that everyone can get some practical experience, however the number of delegates is up to you. We are also very happy to deliver onsite classroom-based training. Maybe you have many staff members who require training, too many to fit around an instrument. The topics covered can be completely chosen by you.

Offsite training

We can deliver offsite training at our facilities at The Open University, just for your company! It might be that your laboratory instruments run 24/7 and therefore you have no time for onsite training. It could be that you would prefer your staff to focus completely on the training, with no distractions and therefore offsite is best. Or maybe you have multiple sites and Milton Keynes is a good meeting place for delegates from across the country or around the world! We have a multitude of makes and models of analytical instruments, along with the all the different automated sample preparation techniques available at our facilities, plus we can arrange a time that is best for you and your staff.


Feedback from clients for onsite and offsite training:


Mohammed Elsayed - Field Technical Support, Aroscent, Egypt.

"The whole course was interesting, each part gave me a new knowledge that never realise before."
Onsite Bespoke GC & GC-MS training, March 2022.

Scientific Officer - Government department

"The trainer was very knowledgeable. He was able to answer questions directed to him and provide very useful tips for using the TD and on general method development process."
Onsite Bespoke GC-MS training, April 2017.

Anne-laure Hepp - Analytical Chemist, SGS

"The last day was tailored to our needs and was so useful! Richard really listened and took on board what we needed to know and what subjects were crucial to cover and made it all fit in a day!"
Onsite Absolute Basics of GC & GC-MS training, August 2016.

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