Analytical chemistry links

Having a source of high quality information and support, along with updates on changing and improving technologies is very important in our business.  Here are links to some of the resources that we use.

Royal Society of Chemistry Analytical Division

British Mass Spectrometry Society

CAMS: Community for Analytical Measurement Science


Chromatographic Society

International Labmate



RESTEK Calibration Calculator Downloadable Standards Dilution Calculator

Royal Society of Chemistry

Separation Science 

Technology Networks 


Our suppliers and other useful websites

We highly value the people and the companies that we work with, please find below links to some of the suppliers and companies that we work with.

Air Products

Bulb Interiors

Cambridge Manufacturing Solutions 

Mourne Training Services

Open Meteorites: The Open University's meteorites on the road

Pivotal Sales Training

Richard Jackson Training & Management Consultants