2022 training course calendar now available!

Our scheduled course calendar for January – April 2022 is now available – view and download the calendar now.

2022 dates are now bookable for Anthias Consulting's live virtual classroom courses, with courses for all experience levels and covering a range of techniques including gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, sample preparation, techniques used in the analysis of physical and structural properties of molecules, spectroscopy, methods and statistical analysis.

Anthias are continuing to offer their live Virtual Classroom courses into 2022, as they work with their partner venues to return to face-to-face training for scheduled courses, with dates to be announced very soon for these!

The Virtual Classroom courses have continuously received excellent feedback over the past 20 months and continue to provide delegates with high quality training to learn new techniques for their analysis and to further their professional development. The courses provide an interactive way to learn all the practical theory of a technique, with instrument parts and consumables to see and live questions and answers. The Anthias team were delighted to be recognised for their Virtual Classroom training at the Lab Innovations 2021 Lab Awards earlier this month, winning 'Most impactful online or print training resource'.

The majority of Anthias’ courses are approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), underlining the high quality of the training materials and the commitment to the ongoing improvement of the courses, through delegates’ feedback.

The scheduled course dates for January – April 2022 are now bookable on the Anthias website and feature a date for all the courses available via our Virtual Classroom. Many of the longer courses are modular and delegates can choose to attend individual modules to focus on a particular stage of analysis, section of the instrument, or specific technique.

Just some of the feedback comments from attendees of Anthias’ live Virtual Classroom courses have included:

"The structure, being able to access the PowerPoint, the presenter, having examples of the equipment to see."

"I liked the software dashboard. it was good to see both the presenter, slides and ask questions in the chats. it felt interactive, whereas other courses feel like you could just be watching a video."

"The expertise and knowledge of the presenters. It is better [compared to other courses] because the presenters introduced a high sense of practicality."

"It was much more engaging. Seeing examples of parts of instruments was really useful and the interactive chromatogram troubleshooting was really useful."

View and download the course calendar and to find and book a live Virtual Classroom course.

If you can’t make the date for your chosen course or if you need the training sooner than the scheduled date, many of the courses are also available On-Demand for maximum convenience – see the full list of On-Demand courses.

Anthias’ consultants can also provide training just for you, fully tailored to meet the needs and the level of experience of you and your colleagues. This can be fully online; or as part of a blended learning programme combining online virtual classroom training followed by onsite training on your instrumentation and methods in your laboratory. Contact the team to find out more and discuss your requirements.