Anthias Consulting part of exciting new institute for analytical measurement science

Anthias Consulting are excited to join the Community for Analytical Measurement Science (CAMS), an institute for chemical and bio-analytical measurement science in the UK and Ireland.

CAMS is an industry-led initiative which aims to raise the profile of analytical measurement science and provide a focal point for the analytical community to connect and access world-class education and training, research and innovation.

Anthias Consulting has been providing independent analytical training and consultancy for the past 14 years. Having worked with analytical scientists in a diverse range of roles within most industries and applications that involve analytical science, Anthias Consulting has a unique insight into the skills development needs of the analytical community.

Working with both the analysts who use the analytical instrumentation and the instrument manufacturers themselves, Anthias Consulting provides training to "bridge the gap", offering expert knowledge, experience and unbiased advice.

Anthias Consulting offers training programmes for all levels of experience, providing the fundamental theoretical knowledge along with hands-on practical sessions in the laboratory to practice and reinforce the topics learnt.

Anthias Consulting partners with The Open University to provide a training facility with an unrivalled suite of world-class analytical instrumentation from multiple manufacturers. Their regular scheduled courses at The Open University and other UK venues offer analysts a convenient and affordable way to develop their knowledge and skills. Courses range from 1-5 days and key topics include method development, maintenance, troubleshooting and advanced techniques as well as how to operate manufacturer-specific instrumentation.

The majority of Anthias Consulting training courses are approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry for continuous professional development (CPD), providing independent affirmation of the high quality of the training.

As a member of CAMS, Anthias Consulting looks forward to continuing to champion the importance of high-quality training in both bridging the skills gap and a vital part of continuous professional development.

CAMS members can benefit from 10% discount on all Anthias Consulting training courses when booked 6 weeks in advance, see the Anthias website for full details.

Director and Senior Consultant Dr Diane Turner from Anthias Consulting said: "I'm delighted to be part of this exciting project which provides a focal point for the analytical measurement science community; to develop knowledge and skills, facilitate research and promote best practice within the field."

To find out more about the Community for Analytical Measurement Science (CAMS), visit the CAMS website.