Celebrating the IYPT at Lab Innovations

Dr Diane Turner will be presenting at Lab Innovations later this month within the Royal Society of Chemistry Theatre. This year's exciting conference programme celebrates the International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT), designated by UNESCO and marking the 150th anniversary of Russian scientist Mendeleev's iconic periodic table.

Diane's presentation 'Using the Periodic Table in our GC-MS analyses' is on 31st October at 2:30pm.

Diane's talk will look at the different elements encountered in GC-MS analysis and how to go back to basics when developing a method, looking at the chemistry of the molecules to be separated and detected. Diane will discuss the problems associated with certain elements and the properties of some elements which help in the identification of these molecules.

The Royal Society of Chemistry's dedicated theatre will feature talks within the key themes of 'Exploring the weird and wonderful world of the periodic table' and 'Elements of our future world' with keynote presentations from Science presenter and geek songstress Helen Arney and Professor Andrea Sella from UCL.

Lab Innovations is on 30th – 31st October at the NEC in Birmingham, UK. To find out more and register to attend, visit the event website.