Continuing Professional Development – your path to professional recognition and beyond

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the systematic approach to maintaining and developing your knowledge, skills and competency throughout your career.

Recording your ongoing development can help you to get started in your career, demonstrate you are keeping your knowledge and skills up to date and help you to achieve professional recognition.

Training is a key part of your CPD journey whatever your career stage.

So how do you identify formal training of a high standard and at the right experience level to ensure you are advancing your knowledge and skills?

The Royal Society of Chemistry supports individuals in selecting high quality training by providing a database of approved training courses available. The approval process is one of peer-review where content is assessed against set criteria by experts in their field.

The majority of Anthias training courses have been approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry for CPD and this underlines the high quality of our training. Our courses support your development at every step, from those in the early stages of their career through to established scientists, through our range of training aimed at complete beginners through to advanced training for those with fundamental knowledge of the base technique.

We work with organisations supporting their employees’ professional development across a diverse range of roles.

We recently trained Shaun Loach, a member of the Organic Chemistry team at Terra Tek Laboratory Services. Shaun attended our Absolute Basics of GC & GC-MS as part of his Continuing Professional Development programme and is working towards achieving professional recognition for his on the job training through the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Photo: Shaun Loach from Terra Tek

Our Absolute Basics courses provide a practical overview that is ideal for early career scientists, as refresher training and for those whose role requires them to interface with multiple scientific areas and techniques. These 1-day courses provide an introduction for complete beginners to the analytical techniques of Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography, Inductively Couple Plasma techniques, Chemometrics and Metabolomics.

Anthias training courses – comprehensive – affordable – instrument independent

Anthias’ trainers are practicing analytical chemists with current skills. Through the interactive nature of our courses, delegates work through tasks and case studies, view demonstrations and have the chance to ask questions, leading to better understanding and knowledge retention.
Anthias training courses have maximum class sizes to ensure focused support for each delegate. We assess each delegates’ knowledge level through a questionnaire prior to attending the course. This enables us to gauge the audience experience level and ensure that each individual gets the most from their training.

As part of our ongoing improvement of our courses, we collect delegate’s feedback following every course. This demonstrates our continual appraisal and improvement of the content of our courses; a key part of RSC course approval, we also use this to develop new courses and support services.
On our hands-on courses, delegates carry out practicals in the laboratory to reinforce the topics learned providing an invaluable opportunity to experiment, change parameters and see the effects.

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