Inspiring Future Forensics Scientists

At the end of May 2018, Dr Diane Turner visited Pendragon Primary School in Cambridgeshire, UK to facilitate a fun day of forensics with the Year 4 and 5 classes.

The children conducted an investigation after some sweets had been "stolen" from the Head teacher's office...

The pupils carried out forensic experiments - taking the suspect's (class teacher's) finger prints and lifting the crime scene (Head teacher's office) finger prints, identifying the finger print patterns from each, then comparing the matching types.

Using paper chromatography, the children looked at matching the colouring of the sweets (Skittles) found in the suspect's pockets against some sweets that were not "stolen" from the crime scene.

They also checked the experiment worked by analysing a control of the same colour (M&Ms).

Lots of fun was had in the four classes and they each decided that there was enough evidence to arrest their teachers!