Knowledge and experience shared at Forensic Toxicology Seminar in Kuwait

Anthias Consulting, in partnership with Tectron of Kuwait and Elliott Forensic Consulting, provided a 3 day seminar and workshop in March for the toxicologists and staff of the Ministry of Interior in the General Department of Criminal Evidence in Al-Dajeej, Kuwait.

Utilising Prof Simon Elliott’s >20 years of experience in forensic toxicology, the seminar included all the various aspects of forensic toxicology, including death investigation as well as the analysis and toxicology of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS). Investigative and analytical workflows including sample preparation and analysis (including the application of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and accurate mass spectrometry) were also covered.

Day One involved an introduction to forensic toxicology investigations, the forensic process and international guidelines. This was followed by information regarding the appropriate selection and collection of specimens for forensic toxicology along with sample extraction and preparation for analysis. The day finished with a discussion on forensic toxicology interpretation and the many considerations involved to determine the meaning and significance of toxicology findings.

Day Two was analysis day with review of the various techniques used in analytical toxicology with a particular focus on LC-MS/MS and High Resolution Mass-Spectrometry (HRMS). There were some good discussions in relation to the merits of the various techniques with recognition of the impressive array of instrumentation available at the Department’s toxicology laboratory. The day finished with Prof Elliott touring the laboratory and advising on practical aspects of the application of the many instruments at the toxicology staff’s disposal including immunoassay, GC-MS/MS and multiple LC-MS/MS and HRMS systems.

Day Three focused on all aspects of the phenomenon of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) formally known as "designer drugs". These have caused problems all over the world and the attendees were particularly interested in synthetic cannabinoids. There was a discussion pertaining to the latest trends, toxicology and analysis of NPS, with an emphasis on synthetic cathinones, opioids, benzodiazepines and synthetic cannabinoids.

Throughout the three days, the attendees were very communicative and engaged in discussions as is often the case when toxicologists get together to discuss their work. It is very important to share experiences as this is beneficial to all.

All of the attendees rated the knowledge of the presenter as "Great" (5 out of 5) and provided positive feedback comments on the training sessions:

"It is very useful and informative and will be helpful for my work and all the information can be used to help better my work in the lab."
Aseel AlBolushi, Chemical Engineer.

"Everything was wonderful and new knowledge of drug was exactly the point we need."
Dr Meshal Haidar, Senior Forensic Scientist

"[I enjoyed] up to date information."
Dalal Mohd AlJeeran, Forensic Toxicology.

Prof Elliott and Anthias Consulting are very grateful for the organisation and hospitality shown by Tectron and the General Department of Criminal Evidence hosts.

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