Onsite training continues to be available in the UK

Did you know we can provide any of our training courses onsite, just for your company?

If you have more than a couple of members of staff requiring training, onsite training is an ideal option.

We can provide hands-on practical training using your instruments, or universal theoretical training in a range of techniques.

The course content can be tailored to suit your needs or we can create bespoke material just for you.

Throughout the pandemic we have been delivering training across the UK, with some great feedback from our customers about particular aspects of onsite training they enjoyed:

"Because Richard came to us he was able to demonstrate using our instruments and data, making it directly relevant."  September 2020

"Inlet knowledge, pressures, purge flow, total flow etc. Tips on method development and optimisation. Demonstrating maintenance and letting scientists have a go themselves."  September 2020

Our consultants are Fellows of the Royal Society of Chemistry and members of the Directory of Consultants. Find out more.

Contact us to arrange onsite training just for you that is:
  • Flexible in length of time.
  • Suited to the experience level of your team.
  • Tailored in the depth of the topics covered.
  • Tailored to include additional topics/techniques that you use in your lab.
  • Flexible in content to combine multiple topics.
  • Convenient for your team's schedule.

There are a number of ways we can deliver your training including:

  • Fully onsite learning.
  • Blended learning with presentations taking place through our virtual classroom and lab exercises taking place in your laboratory.
  • Combining training with our consultancy services, for example to help you with developing or troubleshooting your method(s).

For any onsite training or consultancy taking place at this current time for customers in the UK, please see our COVID-19 policy.