Scientists show Space Rocks to primary school children

During two days in March 2018, Dr Simona Nicoara, a Research Associate at The Open University and Dr Imran Janmohamed from Anthias Consulting presented meteorites from The Open University outreach meteorite collection at two UK primary schools.

Scientists show space rocks at a Watford primary school

On 15th March, the scientists gave a small presentation on 'Rocks from Space' to the pupils of Year 2 & Year 3 at St. Catherine of Siena Primary School in Watford. This included a brief introduction to our Solar system, asteroids, meteorites, and impact craters.

This was followed by a hands-on experience touching lunar, Martian and other types of meteorites. The pupils were absolutely delighted by the opportunity to handle these and were amazed at how heavy the Iron meteorite, Gibeon, was.

Space rocks land in a Northwood school

On 16th March, Dr Nicoara and Dr Janmohamed visited Eastbury Farm Primary school in Northwood.

A presentation was given to 3 classes of joint Year 5 & 6 and provided an overview of Space, the Solar system, meteorites, asteroids and impact craters.

Following the presentation, the children were absolutely delighted with the opportunity to handle the meteorites.

The visit provided an invaluable hands-on experience to complement the students' current science curriculum and was well-timed; the children had been discussing meteorites with their science teacher just the day before, following a "meteor landing" in the school.

The outreach meteorite collection is part of an active public engagement programme by The Open University – find out more here.

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