Watch our FREE webinar: Metabolomics in Biotechnology

Anthias Consulting ran a webinar on the 21st October in the exciting field of Metabolomics, introducing the key concepts and the analytical technologies used in its practice.

Watch our FREE webinar: Metabolomics in Biotechnology

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Metabolomics is the systematic study of small molecular metabolites in a cell, tissue, biofluid, or growth media samples that are the result of genetics, cellular processes, responses to environmental signals and the interactions thereof. Metabolomics is now widespread and well established within the broad spectrum of life science disciplines.

The talk introduced the concepts behind Metabolomics; provided an overview on why it is so important to modern biotechnology and gave an appreciation of the range of analytical technologies used in its practice. There is particular reference to how Metabolomics can be applied in the understanding, modelling and optimising bio-production processes.

Speaker: Metabolic specialist Dr Simon Thain

Dr Simon Thain graduated in 1993 with a Biology degree (Stirling), completed an MSc in Genetic & Biochemistry (Newcastle, 1994) and a PhD in plant Circadian Clocks systems (Warwick, 2000). Subsequent work in both academia and industry saw him able to take advantage of the developing "usability" of more modern Mass Spectrometry (MS) equipment to answer biological questions. For over 14-years, Simon has been applying MS techniques in diverse areas such as: environmental, bioenergy, aquaculture and natural product techniques as Metabolomics has emerged as a powerful discipline.

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