Day 3: Data Analysis and Sampling Techniques for GC and GC-MS

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Day 3 of the Complete GC & GC-MS and the Practical Essentials of GC & GC-MS courses.

Course summary

Course approval

This course has been approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry for purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). RSC members receive a discount of 10% for this course (membership number required) if booked at least 6 weeks in advance.

If you are only interested in finding out more about Data Analysis and Sampling Techniques then please attend this one day course.

What will you learn on this course?

You will learn about mass spectra and library searching and how to undertake data analysis. We look at reasons for performing the analysis: qualitative analysis, identification, quantitation and semi-quantitation are covered.

Following this, we cover sampling techniques, where a whole range of sampling and sample preparation techniques that can be coupled to a GC are covered in detail, including their theory, optimisation and applications.

The techniques include thermal desorption (TD) & extraction; pyrolysis; derivatisation; static & dynamic headspace (SHS & DHS); purge & trap; solid phase extraction techniques including solid-phase microextration (SPME), SPE & SBSE; liquid-liquid extraction techniques and other automated methods.

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn how to undertake data analysis
  • You will learn about different sampling techniques for GC

Who is this course for?

If you have limited GC experience, wish to learn about these particular areas or would like to brush-up on your knowledge then this is the course for you.

To gain the full knowledge of gas chromatography it is highly recommended to attend the full 5-day course.

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Feedback from previous attendees

"Detailed explanations and useful tips."  (April 2019).

"Richard was really nice and friendly and explained everything really well."  (April 2019).