4-day Comprehensive GC Training (Agilent GC with OpenLAB CDS)

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Course summary

Course approval

This course has been approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry for purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). RSC members and Community for Analytical Measurement Science (CAMS) members receive a discount of 20% for this course (membership number required) if booked at least one month in advance.

What will you learn on this course?

The 4-day Comprehensive GC Training course introduces the fundamental theory of GC along with the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the Agilent Gas Chromatograph using GC OpenLAB CDS software.

This course includes an introduction to gas chromatography, troubleshooting and method development; Agilent OpenLAB configuration; an introduction to GC OpenLAB CDS, data acquisition and data analysis. It will discuss gas supply and handling; autosamplers; split/splitless and multi-mode inlets; capillary columns; detectors (FID, ECD & TCD); PC & data system; creating methods; integration and reporting; quantitation and calibrations; sequences and reprocessing; method maintenance and retention time locking. This course also covers troubleshooting and maintenance of the gas supply, autosampler, inlet, column, detector and data systems.

It combines a mixture of classroom based presentations with hands-on hardware and software lab exercises, to give you comprehensive training.

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn the theory of gas chromatography and the importance of good chromatography
  • You will become familiar with the Agilent Gas Chromatograph and learn about the function & operation of individual GC components
  • You will learn the logical steps of instrument troubleshooting
  • You will have practical experience of adjusting the parameters and performing maintenance of the GC instrument
  • You will review gas supply and gas handling, Agilent autosamplers, Agilent inlets including split-splitless and multi-mode, capillary columns, and detectors focusing on FID, ECD & TCD
  • You will learn about the operation of the GC OpenLAB CDS software
  • You will learn how to undertake installation, set-up and get an overview of the software
  • You will learn how to create a GC method on the software
  • You will learn how to analyse individual samples and create sequences for analysing multiple samples
  • You will undertake qualitative data analysis with a set of data files
  • You will undertake quantitative data analysis creating calibration curves and producing appropriate sample reports
  • You will learn the most effective ways to maintain your methods
  • You will learn about retention time locking and its importance

Who is this course for?

This course is primarily for analysts and technicians responsible for the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of Agilent gas chromatographs using Agilent OpenLAB CDS software.

Delegates should have some knowledge of gas chromatography.

Please note the practical exercises will take place on Agilent 7890 or 6890 GCs but the training is suitable for all models of Agilent gas chromatographs.

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Feedback from previous attendees

"Good course providing a lot of knowledge about GC regarding theory, calibration and maintenance. Also really great to get the hands-on part of the maintenance!"  Anna Lindberg, Laboratory Engineer, Preem AB, Sweden (November 2019).

"The instructors knowledge and straight forward approach. I have got much useful information, applicable to my methods and instruments."  Kajsa Duvinger, Laboratory Engineer, Preem AB, Sweden (November 2019).

"With this course I have a thorough understanding of what happens in the GC from sample introduction through the inlets, into the column and out of the detector. This knowledge will help me optimise our analysis run time and total method."  Olaitan Okedele, Laboratory Analyst, Nigeria Lng Limited (November 2019).

"(I enjoyed) the combination of theoretical and practical work. Much more interactive and engaging [than other courses]."  Hazel Hart, Senior Research Technician, The Centre for Process Innovation (June 2019).

"(I enjoyed) getting hands on experience with the GC, which happened to be the same as in our lab which means everything I've learnt is transferable."  Zoe Mclone, Laboratory Analyst, Greenergy Biofuels Teesside Ltd, attended Comprehensive GC Hardware Training (Agilent GC) course (June 2019).

"(I enjoyed) the comprehensive knowledge about all aspects of Gas Chromatography, maintenance & optimisation. In particular miniaturisation has given me many ideas as to how to implement these in our lab."  delegate who attended Comprehensive GC Hardware Training (Agilent GC) course (June 2019).

"(I enjoyed) mixture of theory followed by relevant practicals, informal."  Richard Marsden, Chief Chemist, LINX. Attended bespoke Comprehensive GC Training (Agilent GC with OpenLAB CDS) training (June 2017).

"An excellent course, tailored nicely to our needs and very well presented by Imran. If we need further training Anthias will be top of our go to list. Thank you! Good split of theory and practical exercises. Excellent training."  delegate from the printing industry. Attended bespoke Comprehensive GC Training (Agilent GC with OpenLAB CDS) training (June 2017).