Full calendar of Virtual Classroom courses now available - many NEW courses now available online!

We have a full calendar of Virtual Classroom courses scheduled throughout the remainder of the year.

Learn a completely new technique, improve your current knowledge or discover advanced techniques to help solve complex applications.

Our Virtual Classroom courses give you a fully interactive experience with the instructor streamed live through a high definition video feed, a clear layout in one view and tools to interact with the trainer, to get the most from the training.

See a summary of our upcoming courses by technique below and view the full list of upcoming courses.


Learn about all steps of method validation, from initial planning through to on-going tracking of performance statistics on our Applied Method Validation course starting on the 1st September.

Enhance your method development knowledge with our range of courses.

Learn how to investigate unexpected analytical results on our Applied OOS Results Investigation course coming up in October.

NEW! Now available online:
Applied Stability Indicating Methods (SIM)
Applied Extractables and Leachables (E&L) Methods

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We have a range of courses coming up - suitable for all levels of knowledge. 

NEW! Now available online - Applied FTIR is now available online, covering all the practical theory about Fourier Transform InfraRed spectroscopy, with the opportunity to work through case studies as you learn.

Upcoming courses:

Applied FTIR
Applied ICP-OES
Absolute Basics of ICP-OES & ICP-MS
Applied Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)

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Gas Chromatography

Our modular Complete GC & GC-MS course provides a complete training solution enabling you to understand your Gas Chromatograph or GC-MS instrument, develop applications, troubleshoot & maintain it. You can choose to attend individual modules of the course to focus on a particular area - this course runs in October.

NEW! software courses now available online:

Comprehensive GC Software Training (Agilent OpenLAB CDS)
Comprehensive GC-MS Software Training (Agilent MassHunter for SQMS)
Comprehensive GC-MS Software Training (Shimadzu GCMSsolution)
Comprehensive GC-MS Software Training (Agilent MSD ChemStation)

For those working with GC-MS data, the Applied Deconvolution (NIST AMDIS) course shows you how to make the most of your analytical resolution to perform deconvolution and obtained cleaned-up mass spectra. 

For further advanced training to learn the fundamentals of interpreting your data, join the Applied Interpretation of GC-MS Mass Spectra course.

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Liquid Chromatography

We have courses for all experience levels and covering a range of techniques.

The Absolute Basics of HPLC & LC-MS is aimed at beginners or those requiring refresher training. The Practical Essentials of HPLC & LC-MS is for those who want to greatly enhance their knowledge; the course goes into a high level of detail of each component of the system and each stage of analysis. The more advanced Clinic course covers strategies for method development, how to maintain the instrument and the logical steps of troubleshooting.
These courses are modular so you can attend individual sessions of the course - perfect to focus on a particular section of the instrument or stage of analysis.

Or learn a new technique with our courses below!

NEW! Now available online:
Applied Ion Chromatography
Applied Anion Exchange Chromatography
Applied Size Exclusion Chromatography

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Statistical Analysis

Gain an introduction to Chemometrics or Metabolomics, applicable to all instrumentation and disciplines. These beginner courses go through a summary of the workflows used in a study, an overview of different instrumentation that produces data and covers data processing and statistical analysis including worked examples through demonstrations using data analysis software.

Upcoming online courses:
Absolute Basics of Chemometrics
Absolute Basics of Metabolomics

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These are just some of our upcoming Virtual Classroom courses, see the full list by date.